Our Mission

To provide hope and restoration to a world of brokenness and decay.

Our office started in 2010 from scratch with the values in mind that we want to have a relationship-based practice.

Veteran’s Day

Each year we thank our Veterans for their service by providing free dental care on Veterans Day. We are so grateful for the sacrifice so many of our veterans and current service men and women as well as their families make in serving our country, we try to do our part by giving back to them.

Free Dentistry Day

It is important to us to provide hope for people and to let them know there are people that care about them and their struggles. We provide free dentistry one day in the year as a way to make people feel valued and cared for even when they are not able to afford treatment.


Our mission to provide hope and restoration took Dr. Overman to Zambia in 2011 and 2012. In coordination with Cornerstone Church, Dr. Overman was able to travel to Serenje, Zambia and provide care to pastors and orphans associated with the Hope Center.